Shenzhen Yezhan Electronics Co., Ltd

About Us
Shenzhen Yezhan Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen,Website:, China. We are a company of specialist in milliohm resistor and rich in developing thought in this field. Through the past few years dedicating a train of resources and efforts to research and development, we successfully gain a series patented products and self developing machines and equipment. Today we ranks among the leading manufacturer of milliohm, current sensing resistor in China and we are ready to march forward to serve customers from all over the world. Our products are widely used in home applicant, medical apparatus and instrument, automotive, aviation, military, traffic, electric, communication, vehicle etc.. With the unidentified application field, our supreme design ability and flexible operation has enable us to provided various technical support with over 17 thousand solutions for different trades and ranks for over 2600 customers. In the coming years, with the rapid development of both domestic and overseas, we had set a new target in overseas marketing to serve customers worldwide. With our newly quality developed series products and machines and integrated management system, we?ll take it as our eternal aim to repute and value our customers in both quality and service to create a brand new future.
Products and services
Shunt, current sensing resistor, resistor, alloy shunt resistor; constantan wire, manganin wire; current sensor, milliohm resistor, micro ohm resistor